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“Having Sara’s support as a doula was terrific, her presence brought calm and reassurance, while her amazing help in the background allowed me to fully focus on supporting my wife during the birthing and feel fully
connected throughout.”

Chris Bell, Doula Client

I really enjoyed our sessions. I could see Sara has a real passion for helping people to have a positive birth. Sara was very friendly and professional, but it was also good to have someone you could chat/have a laugh with as well. I'm really looking forward to our bundle arriving and incorporating everything we have learnt! I'm still enjoying the mp3's every night before bed."

Sarah Croy 

Hypnobirthing Client

I found Sara really approachable, friendly and organised, the classes worked really well and were at good times for children’s sleeps etc. I have continued to listen to the relaxations and believe our little girl is a very chilled out baby because of them!"

Gina Tait

Hypnobirthing Client

During the session I was invited to make time to connect with my baby and focus on what my body needed. It was lovely to be able to set an intention to move my body in ways that would feel good now, but also prepare my body for labour and birth. It was a  calming, relaxing session that helped me stretch out my body. Sara reminded me that pregnancy is a journey, which feels so true."


Pregnancy Yoga Client

Sara leads such a great class, going makes such a difference to my head and focusing on the breath is such a useful tool too

Cheryl Thompson, Yoga Student

I took several blocks of pregnancy yoga with Sara and thoroughly enjoyed them. Sara showed us adaptations for poses in different stages of pregnancy and we practiced some movements that are also very useful during labour. The relaxation session at the end of each block was super and really helped me to focus and connect with my whole body in great preparation for labour and birth.

Carol Ridgeway 
Pregnancy Yoga Client

Sara was a huge help. She brought nourishing food to help us through the labour and after.
She came along when the midwives came to discuss options with us, and she spoke up in a respectful way when she noticed that we had miscommunicated, ensuring that we were all on the same page and had the right information.
She also noticed when I needed additional support, such as when a catheter was used to try empty my bladder. She helped clean and tidy up after."


My husband and I had a 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Sara in which we learnt so much. As well as helping us both to be very prepared and ready for our baby's birth it was fascinating learning how our body and mind works through pregnancy and birthing. I used the relaxation mp3s most days and nights and found them really helpful as birthing preparation as well as for relaxation and better sleep in late pregnancy. Sara taught the course really well and kept a great flow of information and support throughout. After the course I found myself very much looking forward to the birth."

Carol Ridgeway
Hypnobirthing Client

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